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Since the age of 14, Chef Ron Boucher has been focused on the culinary arts. Growing up in Amesbury, MA in a French Canadian family he was raised on traditional French/French Canadian fare.

"When I was young, food was a big part of my life. I gravitated to what I liked, which was cooking," said Chef Boucher.

At 14 he began his career as a short order cook and then moved to dinners. He attended a culinary arts high school and continued his education at the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, NY and is certified as an executive chef from the American Culinary Federation. Chef Boucher is currently the chef and owner of Ron's Landing, which is a second generation restaurant to Ron's Beach house. Only open for dinner, Ron's Landing has an extensive menu with 20 appetizers or light fare items, and 30 items on the dinner menu. Open since 1986, Ron's Landing is a staple among the community for fine dining.

Chef Boucher's latest venture was to open a cooking school, Chez Boucher, in February 2003. Chez Boucher offers classic French cuisine, and has three 6-week sessions in which students learn:

  • Session 1 Cooking essentials and food fundamentals
  • Session 2 Bistro cooking
  • Session 3 Advanced cooking - classical cuisine

“The best part of the school is the passion the students bring. Everyone in the program is energetic and passionate about the food. I lead them with ingredients, recipes, and technique, but through their enthusiasm they take the courses farther than I would have imagined, ” commented Chef Boucher.

Chef Boucher has been a ChefTec user since 1999 and attributes part of his restaurant's success to the program.

“Early on I found out that if I wanted to make money, I needed to do good accounting. Through ChefTec I cost out my entire inventory, and make sure my menu reflects accurate prices,” said Chef Boucher. “Recently prices have gone through the roof and with ChefTec I can easily and accurately make menu changes.”

On a daily basis Chef Boucher uses ChefTec to enter in recipes. He notes the ease and convenience of being able to attach photos to recipes in ChefTec. Since he prints off his recipes for his class, this feature helps his students visualize the end result. The easy to read format is also invaluable.

Chef Boucher is also an active member in his community serving on the Hampton Beach Chamber Of Commerce, New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association and American Culinary Federation/Piscataqua Chapter.

Check back with for more on Chef Boucher. We suspect a cookbook and TV program might be in the cards for this active chef.

Ron's Landing
379 Ocean Blvd.
Hampton, NH 03843

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