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ChefTec/CorTec Reseller
Partner Program Fact Sheet

Are you interested in becoming a certified reseller of CorTec Enterprise Software or ChefTec Software? If you love what ChefTec Software can do for your customers, if you have a passion for success, if you are excited about the opportunities that technology is creating in the foodservice industry, then read on about our Reseller Partner Program...

Contact: Special Sales Department
Phone: (303) 447-3334
FAX: (303) 786-9776

CSS Profile

    Culinary Software Services, Inc. (CSS) is the leader in professional back-office food service software with over 40,000 installations worldwide. CSS has been providing software to the foodservice industry since 1990. Software includes CorTec Enterprise Software and ChefTec Software for: Recipe & Menu Costing, Inventory Control, and Nutritional Analysis.

    Company established: 1990
    Reseller Program established: 1994
    Geographic area: Worldwide

Product Details

Program Details

    In order to be considered as a CSS reseller every candidate must complete the Reseller Application along with the application fee. Each applicant will then be evaluated before reseller status can be decided. If you are not sure that you want to be a reseller, we suggest you explore the online ASP version of our software, or purchase a full package with the money-back guarantee.

    Reseller Application Fee: US$995.00 (non refundable if accepted into Reseller program)
    Annual Fee: None
    Program Levels: Gold Level and Silver Level (please see below for details for each program)

    • Resellers may not sell software in excess of CSS's retail price.
    • Resellers may not sell software at a price lower than 85% of CSS's retail price.
    • Resellers must start at the Silver Level for the first calendar quarter and then may apply to the Gold Level if they meet Gold Level requirements in the preceding calendar quarter.
    • Reseller performance will be evaluated on a calendar quarterly basis.
    • Non-performing Resellers will be dropped from the program. Any Reseller dropped from the Reseller program can still receive a ten percent (10%) discount on future sales until they qualify again for the Reseller program.
    • Reseller purchases are not eligible for the 60-day money back guarantee from CSS, but will be restocked at Resellers request.
    • End-users are not eligible for the 60-day money back guarantee from CSS.
    • End users are eligible for training and support from CSS for sixty (60) days commencing from the sale placed by the Reseller.
    • Orders must be placed by reseller and not the end-user for reseller discount to apply.
    • Reseller must undertake four (4) hours minimum CSS telephone or in-house training during the first three (3) months of becoming a Reseller.
    • Most ChefTec Software programs and additional modules or add-ons are discounted.
    • ProPartner Support Plans (PPP) are never discounted.
    • Interfaces (excluding EDI interfaces) are not discounted.
    • Services, such as the Online Nutritional Analysis Service, and EDI Interfaces are discounted in the first year only. First year discounts apply to all products with recurring costs (except PPP).
    • Additional details of discounts are listed in the Reseller Discounts document.
    • Telephone training and technical support is provided to Resellers.
    • Sales leads may be provide to Resellers.
    • PPP for sixty (60) days to the end user provided by CSS.
    • Data for demonstration purposes is available for free.
    • Calendar Quarters end on:
      • March 31
      • June 30
      • September 30
      • December 31


Gold Level Reseller Program

    • Gold Level Sales (GLS$) Minimum Requirement: $7,500 per calendar quarter at the discounted rate to the Reseller.
    • The first quarter GLS$ will not be pro-rated. That means that if there is only one (1) month left in a calendar quarter, then the GLS$ for that month will be the same as a full calendar month.
    • GLS$ orders must be placed every calendar quarter to maintain Gold Level Status.
    • If GLS$ are not achieved in a quarter then Reseller may purchase software to fulfill GSL$ for the quarter.
    • If GLS$, or make up amount to GLS$, are not achieved in a quarter then Reseller will be re-assigned to Silver Level.
    • Resellers dropped from Gold Level to Silver Level cannot reapply for Gold Level until achieving GLS$ for one calendar quarter.
    • Gold Level Resellers may sell CorTec Enterprise Multi-User programs after six (6) quarters of Gold Level Status and twenty (20) additional hours of training provided by CSS.

    Discount: Call for Gold Level Discount.


Silver Level Reseller Program

    • Silver Level Sales (SLS$) Minimum Requirement: $3,000 per calendar quarter at the discounted rate.
    • If SLS$ are not achieved in a quarter then Reseller may purchase software to fulfill SSL$ for the quarter.
    • Non-performing Silver Level resellers will be dropped from the Reseller program.
    • Silver Level Resellers may not sell CorTec Enterprise Multi-User programs.

    Discount: Call for Silver Level Discount.


Application Procedure

    1. Submit the completed Reseller Partner Program Application form and the Reseller Application Fee (checks or credit cards are accepted) to Culinary Software Services, Inc.
    2. CSS will contact applicant and if accepted then applicant may order software. If application is denied the $995.00 application fee will be returned.

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