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Shooters and Slammers - $25.00
Electronic Recipe Books on CD for ChefTec Software

ChefTec Software has the ability to directly read and write recipes in HTML format. This makes it very easy to swap your favorite recipes with other chefs, or to move recipes written for one operation to another operation.

Shooters and Slammers is a collection of common shooters and mixed drink ideally suited for the younger bar crowd or resort-oriented bar.

Please see our overview of all electronic recipe books.


Examples of Recipes from Shooters and Slammers

      Cordial and Liqueur     Gin Drinks                   Rum Drinks
      Angel's Delight         Alaska Shooter               Between The Sheets
      Beam Me Up Scotty       Alliance                     Harbor Lights No. 2
      Dream Shake             B-52 with Bombay Doors       Jamaican Dust
      French Tickler          Damn-The-Weather Cocktail    Road Kill
      Irish Charlie           Gator                        Simply Bonkers
      Nut 'N' Holli           Green Devil #1               Terminator #1


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