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Cooked Sugar Tests and Temperatures

1. Thread 215°F Forms a brittle thread when pulled.
2. Pearl 220° - 222°F Forms pliable thread. Pulls off in sheets from a spoon.
3. Souffle 222° - 234°F Boiling sugar creates small bubbles resembling snowflakes.
4. Soft Ball 234° - 240°F Sugar syrup forms ball in water but flattens out when removed.
5. Firm Ball 242° - 248°F Sugar syrup forms ball in water and holds shape when removed. A very soft ball can be rolled between your fingers.
6. Hard Ball 250° - 268°F Sugar syrup forms ball in water and holds its shape in a tight, slightly pliable ball.
7. Soft Crack 270° - 290°F Sugar syrup forms stiff threads in water.
8. Firm Crack 293°F Sugar syrup has lost all of its water. Following stages are critical and temp.Should be watched very carefully.
9. Hard Crack 300° - 310°F Sugar syrup forms hard, brittle threads when dropped into water.
10. Liquid Sugar 320°F Melting point of sugar.
11. Light Caramel 330° - 350°F Syrup turns a very pale amber color darkening to a rich golden.
12. Medium Caramel 350° - 370°F Syrup continues to darken, turning from light brown to a dark mahogany.
13. Dark Caramel 370° - 400°F Syrup becomes very dark brown, nearly black and gives off a very burnt aroma.Used only for coloring, not for confections.
14. Black Jack +400°F Black color, dark smoke. No practical use for this.

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