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Decrease Your Spending, Increase Your
Profits with ChefTec Plus!

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A stylish marriage of performance and increased functionality, ChefTec Plus is perfect for today's business-focused foodservice professional. ChefTec Plus has all the power of ChefTec - recipe & menu costing, inventory control, purchasing and ordering - and more. Depending on your specific needs, choose the product that's right for you. Flexible and easy-to-use, it's the foodservice software program that:

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  • Saves you money - Generating reports based on orders, inventory on hand and sales, the Theoretical Inventory Report lets you track down usage problems or even theft.

  • Simplifies your ordering procedures - a shopping list is automatically created outlining exactly what you need to buy after you enter your recipes and their ingredients. A great tool for caterers.

  • Delivers quick bid update - Update all your vendor bids in one easy screen.

  • Keeps your data secure - Password capability lets you give various users access to specific areas of the software as you see fit.

Not Sure if ChefTec Plus is for You?

Compare & Select: Comparison chart of these three products:

  • ChefTec: For chefs and foodservice owner/operators needing recipe & menu costing, inventory control, and purchasing & ordering at a price all foodservice operations can afford.

  • ChefTec Plus: Our flagship product providing foodservice operators additional tools for monitoring costs and tracking inventory. ChefTec Plus offers all of the basic functionality provided in ChefTec plus perpetual inventory, sales analysis, theoretical inventory reports, and multiple profit centers.

  • ChefTec Ultra: Meets the needs of complex operations such as large hotels and conference centers with individual profit centers. Includes the Production Management Module, the HACCP Information Module, as well as the ability to move recipes between profit centers.

Designed by the professionals at Culinary Software Services, the family of ChefTec Software products allows you to decrease your spending while increasing your profits. Each is backed by 60 days of FREE technical support and comprehensive training for you and your staff.

ChefTec Plus BUYS You More Time for Running Your Operation!

...easy enough to use to meet the pace of a frequently changing menu. It's fast and it's accurate.

Ray Berman, Executive Chef
Larimer Group, Denver, CO

What other professionals have said...

Here's What You Can do With ChefTec Plus!

Culinary Software Services products are rated #1 in functionality and customer service. A proven product at an affordable price - with ChefTec Plus it's that simple!

Recipe & Menu Costing

Inventory Control


Purchasing & Ordering

Nutritional Analysis


Order Your Copy of ChefTec Plus Today - 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Discover the foodservice tool that makes your job easier and quickly pays for itself, At only $995, ChefTec Plus comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so it's absolutely risk free. You have nothing to lose.

Whether yours is a small, mid-size, or large operation, ChefTec Plus is the one utensil your professional kitchen needs to continually run smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Order your copy online today or call toll free at 1-800-447-1466. In Colorado, call 303-447-3334.

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