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Complex Foodservice Operations

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ChefTec Ultra is the top-end of the ChefTec line of products. Borrowing some of the popular CorTec functionality and adding additional ChefTec functionality, ChefTec Ultra offers a complete back office software solution for complex foodservice operations with multiple profit centers.

Ideal for large hotels, conference centers, or catering halls, this innovative program - like each of the products in the CSS Catalog of Products, - focuses on inventory control, recipe and food costing, and purchasing and ordering. ChefTec Ultra lets you:

  • Create Master and Location production sheets using the included Production Management Module.

  • Ensure food safety with the included "HACCP Information Module". Automatically print HACCP regulation details on recipes used in your kitchen.

  • Using "Ask Theo", update menu pricing using Theoretical Food Cost Worksheets to analyze "what if" scenarios across recipe/menu categories.

  • Manage several restaurants that operate from one main site.

  • Transfer recipes between each of your profit centers.

Culinary Software Services (CSS) offers a wide spectrum of software from ChefTec to Ultra and CorTec to meet the needs of various users and businesses. ChefTec has always been a powerful tool for chefs and owner-operators and CorTec has been the software of choice for our multi-unit customers. ChefTec Ultra fills the need for operations that fall in between.

Brian Bennett, President
Culinary Software Services

What other professionals have said...


Designed by the professionals at Culinary Software Services, the family of ChefTec Software products allows you to decrease your spending while increasing your profits. Each is backed by 60 days of FREE technical support and comprehensive training for you and your staff.

Here's What You Can do With ChefTec Ultra!

Culinary Software Services products are rated #1 in functionality and customer service. A proven product at an affordable price - with ChefTec it's that simple!

Inventory Control

  • Track rising food costs automatically.
  • Compare vendor pricing at the touch of a button - from purchases or bids.
  • Enter Invoices quickly using the "auto-populate" feature.
  • Use a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for inventory taking.
  • Generate customized reports on purchases, price variances, bids, and credits.
  • Take the pain out of physical inventory, ordering, and maintenance of par levels.
  • Automatically track activity based on purchases and sales.
  • Calculate inventory on-hand for multiple locations.
  • Compare theoretical and actual usage and identify problem areas.
  • Calculate overall percentage food cost.
  • Preloaded database of over 1,900 ingredients with unlimited capacity for additional inventory items.
  • Lists of ingredients in different languages (such as, Spanish, French, and German) are available with unlimited capacity for adding additional ingredients.


  • Track sales by day or period.
  • Rank sales by contribution to profit or number sold.
  • Interface for Point Of Sale (POS) as an add-on.


  • Create production sheet manually, by template or based on par levels.
  • Automatically split Master Production Sheets into Location Production Sheets.
  • Raw inventory automatically depleted through completed production sheets.
  • Production recipes on completed production sheet added to finished goods.

Purchasing & Ordering

  • Generate orders based on Par levels.
  • Order based on lowest price/lowest bid.
  • Generate orders for multi-vendors or single vendor.
  • Use a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for ordering.
  • Convert orders into an invoice instantaneously and modify for changes on receipt of goods.
  • Track purchasing in detail and summary.
  • Ability to analyze by inventory category, account category, profit center, location, etc.
  • Instant flag on price increases and decreases.
  • Compares vendor bids and actual purchases between vendors.

Recipe & Menu Costing

  • Store, scale, and size an unlimited number of recipes.
  • Instantly analyze recipe and menu costs by portion or yield.
  • Update prices, change ingredients in every recipe, with the touch of a button.
  • Cost an entire function or catering job in minutes. Generate accurate catering bids.
  • Add videos for preparation and training.
  • Add pictures of plate turnout, or plate layout, for consistency.

Nutritional Analysis

  • Get a quick and accurate analysis of nutritional values for up to 5,000 most commonly used ingredients. Add your own specialty items.
  • Calculate nutritional values for your recipes and menu items.
  • See at a glance which menu items are low fat, low calorie, etc.
  • Print a "Nutritional Facts" label.


Not Sure if ChefTec Ultra is for You?

Compare & Select: Comparison chart of these three products:

  • ChefTec: For chefs and foodservice owner/operators needing recipe & menu costing, inventory control, and purchasing & ordering at a price all foodservice operations can afford.

  • ChefTec Plus: Our flagship product providing foodservice operators additional tools for monitoring costs and tracking inventory. ChefTec Plus offers all of the basic functionality provided in ChefTec plus perpetual inventory, sales analysis, theoretical inventory reports, and multiple profit centers.

  • ChefTec Ultra: Meets the needs of complex operations, such as large hotels and conference centers with individual profit centers. Includes the Production Management Module, the HACCP Information Module, as well as the ability to move recipes between profit centers.


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When yours is a large, complex establishment with multiple profit centers on site, ChefTec Ultra is the one utensil your operation needs to continually run each center smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Order your copy online today or call toll free at 1-800-447-1466. In Colorado, call 303-447-3334.

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